Sports Studies (BTEC)

BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate

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Anatomy and Physiology: Find out how human body produces movement? Explore how our muscles link with our bones (via tendons) to ensure we can apply specific fitness components to sporting scenarios. Investigate how we produce energy and how is it utilised as we taper our training programmes towards a major event in the sporting calendar?

Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sport and Wellbeing: Learn how to collate reliable, valid quantitative and qualitative data. Be able to effectively analyse and evaluate data taken from a battery of fitness tests. Design and implement effective training programmes that efficiently apply training principles such as specificity, individual needs, progressive overload (e.g: FITT) and rest and recovery for adaptation. Avoidance of reversibility and poor exercise adherence.

Professional Development in the Sports Industry: Build job application skills including C.V. development, letter-writing and interview technique. Research a wide range of career paths that includes elite athletes, elite athlete support, research, coaching, teaching, healthcare and the leisure (public/private) sector. Explore the entry requirements and continual professional development expected of individuals working in these sectors.

Sports Leadership: Learn how to effectively plan, deliver, risk assess and evaluate sports/physical activity sessions that our designed to engage and enthuse younger students.


Who is this Qualification For?

Students wishing to further their understanding of the theoretical elements of sport, health and exercise. Those students considering developing their knowledge into degree level or entering a career in the sport, health and exercise industry.

This qualification is modular and both examinable modules are initially taken at the end of Year 12 with Year 13 being used to produce the internal assessments. This course caters for those students that have a high degree of interest and experience in a range of physical activities or sports.

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