Religious Studies (Philosophy, Ethics and Theology)

Why Study the Subject?
Are you ready to question everything and have your mind blown? If so, A-Level Religious Studies is the course for you. Religious Studies comprises three very different, but equally fascinating and distinct areas of study. In Philosophy, you will question your very own existence, evil, death, the soul and the afterlife and how we can even be sure God actually exists.

Next you will study Ethics and learn how to make life and death decisions, find out whether you care more about people or duty and apply your learning to topics like war, sex, business, medicine, environment and euthanasia.

Finally you examine the fascinating world of the New Testament and the intriguing history of persecution, bloodshed, martyrdom and sacrifice that the writers and believers faced in creating these mind-blowing books. A-Level Religious Studies will excite, intrigue and inspire you no matter which career you are interested in.



Course Content

3x A-Level exams sat at the end of Year 13 – Edexcel Religious Studies

Paper 1: Philosophy of Religion – The problem of evil, arguments for the existence of God, Religious Experience, death and the afterlife.

Paper 2: Ethics – Utilitarianism, Situation Ethics, Kantian Ethics and Natural Moral law. Applied ethics – War and Peace, Sexual Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Equality Ethics, Medical Ethics and End of Life care.

Paper 3: Theology – Did Jesus really resurrect from the dead? Does science make the Bible redundant? Problems of authorship, purpose and propaganda in the Gospels.

Careers/Higher Education Pathways
96% of Theology and Religious Studies graduates go onto graduate level employment within 6 months of leaving university. It is a highly sort after and respected course. RS students go on to many of the following fields:

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • The Armed forces
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Academia (Lecturing and academic research)
  • The police
  • Civil Service.
  • Clergy
  • The media


Knowledge Organisers:

Year 12-13  Knowledge Organisers will be given to students by their subject teachers.

If you require more information regarding the subject, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Young, Curriculum Leader for Religious Education via the school office on: [email protected] God bless.

Philosophy and Ethics Bridging Course Part 1

Philosophy and Ethics Bridging Course Part 2

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