St Joseph’s Uniform Policy

 The school has used the DfE non-statutory guidance on school uniform and agrees with guidance given in the DfE booklet which states;

‘The school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone. The Department strongly encourages schools to have a uniform as it can instil pride; support positive behaviour and discipline; encourage identity with, and support for, school ethos; ensure pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome; protect children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and nurture cohesion and promote good relations between different groups of pupils. The Department also encourages schools to have a very clear position about appearance such as hair colour, style and length and the wearing of jewellery and makeup.’

The school therefore accepts high standards of personal appearance and that all students should wear school uniform to and from school, during the school day or when participating in school-organised events.

School Uniform

Fashion statements with regards to students’ dress or appearance are unacceptable. If in doubt, parents and carers should contact the school before any decisions are made.

  • Jewellery​ ​is not permitted in school, except a wrist watch.
  • Parents must wait until the 6 weeks holidays if they want to get their son / daughter’s ears pierced. Covering recently pierced ears with an Elastoplast is not acceptable.
  • Piercings such as tongues or eyebrows are not allowed. This also applies to tattoos, which are illegal for students of school age.
  • Although the school supports the work of many charity organisations, charity bands will be classed as bracelets and therefore not allowed.
  • Hairstyles ​and haircuts which are deemed too extreme such as tramlines, shaved heads, extreme patterns / v styles, or unnatural dyed colours are also forbidden. Hair should be no shorter than a number 2.
  • M​ake-up is not allowed for students in years 7- 11.

Below is a simple guide to our uniform requirements:​ 

  • A grey blazer with the school badge and the relevant coloured braid for their House group. Blazers must be worn at all times unless permission has been given by a member of staff in class.
  • A school tie.
  • A plain white shirt which buttons to the neck and is tucked in at all times. No visible tops / shirts to be worn under the shirt. Plain white vests etc. are acceptable but brightly coloured undergarments are not.
  • Plain black formal school trousers. No denim- type material or jean style trousers. No ‘skinny fit’ trousers. No zipped pockets or gold/silver fashion accessories.
  • Black drop-waisted skirt with box style pleats. No lycra-type or pull on stretchy material skirts are allowed. Our expectation is that skirts are worn at knee length.
  • Optional plain grey jumper with school badge.
  • Optional plain black belt (no fashion belts e.g. big eye-catching buckles).
  • No hats are to be worn on school premises.
  • No hooded tops / tracksuit tops to be worn.
  • Outdoor coats must be taken off upon entry to the school building. Extreme fashion jackets or denim etc. are also not allowed. Simple waterproof jackets are required.
  • Plain black formal school shoes. Trainers are not permitted. In extreme weather, stout footwear can be used, but they must be covered by trousers. Fashionable boots e.g. Ugg boots are forbidden. We would also recommend that parents get their child shoes that will cover their whole foot for the extreme weather if they are walking to school in snow / slush-type conditions.
  • Black opaque tights or grey socks.
  • All students should come to school with a suitable school bag. We define “suitable” as a school bag which can easily contain room for class books, planner, textbooks and a PE kit.

STJ Uniform Policy July 2022