Work Experience

During the summer term all year 10 and 12 students will have the opportunity to carry out a work experience placement.

Work experience aims to provide all young people with an opportunity to:

  • obtain a wider awareness of the world of work as part of their general education
  • learn outside the classroom
  • increase their economic understanding
  • relate their studies to the world of work and training.

Where possible we expect students to arrange their own work experience. The process of contacting possible employers is a valuable tool for the development of skills and confidence. Students will be supported in this process by their form tutors and pastoral staff.

The school will be using Future Works provider to ensure that all Health and Safety reviews are carried out for all placements to ensure that they will provide a safe learning environment.

There is additional supporting information regarding local companies provided by Future Works to aid students. Students can access this via their form tutors during timetabled planning lessons.

Students will receive a work experience placement form and examples of how to structure an email or phone call when arranging their work experience.

All placements will need to be confirmed with completed forms returned by the 13th May. This will allow time to review the placements and carry out relevant risk assessments ready for the students to complete work experience.

Further resources can be found on the following links.

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