Sixth-Form provision has always been at the heart of St. Joseph’s. The Sixth-Form block is a welcoming, spacious and naturally sunlit area of the school. It provides bespoke facilities including quiet space for private study as well as areas for group learning and social times.  Sixth Form students also have access to the library in free periods and designated work areas in the main school.


  • Sixth-Form Open Area: students may use this area for socialising or group work during non-contact lessons.
  • Private Study: Students have ICT access for silent private study during non-contact lessons. There is a quiet work room and a silent work room which students have permanent access to.
  • Lunchtime: Sixth Formers have the choice to purchase lunch from the school cafeteria, bring in their own lunch or they may sign out and leave the school site at lunchtimes.
  • Afternoon study time: If students do not have lessons after lunch, they can choose to go home to complete their independent work.Please note that if students fall behind in their work or are late to school or lessons then this privilege can be removed.