Why choose A-Level Spanish?

If you have a talent for learning languages, and have enjoyed GCSE Spanish then you might want to consider studying Spanish at A Level.

The ability to understand and communicate in another language is a life-long skill for education, employment and leisure purposes. You will discover new cultures and gain a broader view of today’s increasingly globalized world. In today’s job market employers seek employees who can offer a foreign language.

Universities respect MFL qualifications as a sign of academic ability to study a wide variety of courses.

The ability to speak another language can open up many doors in your career and future academic life


What is the A-level course like?

A-level languages build upon your existing knowledge gained at GCSE, giving you a sound understanding of using your language in a variety of contexts and situations.

Course Content

Year 12 topics: 
Aspects of Hispanic society:

•      Modern and traditional values

•      Cyberspace

•      Equal rights

Artistic Culture in the Hispanic world:

•      Modern day idols

•      Hispanic regional identity

•      Cultural heritage

•      Study of a Spanish / Hispanic film/ director.


Year 13 topics: 
Multiculturalism in Hispanic society:

•      Immigration

•      Racism

•      Integration

Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world:

•      Monarchies, republics and dictatorships

•      Popular movements

•      Study of a Spanish / Hispanic book


Careers/Higher Education Pathways

Language skills can lead directly into a career in translating, interpreting or teaching, and are also in demand in areas such as hospitality, law, publishing and business services. Modern languages degrees typically involve spending a year abroad and this can be an opportunity to find work in a field that interests you and gain relevant experience.