Why Study The Course:

In our ever changing scientific world, A Level Physics provides a course that develops knowledge and skills in the leading edge theories that are shaping our everyday lives and the future.


A Level Physics

Course Outline:

The A Level follows the AQA examination specification(7408).

In Year 12, four modules are studied which provide a broad coverage of the laws of physics. Students will build upon their GCSE knowledge and develop skills to solve problems on topics ranging from sub-atomic particles to the entire universe.

The four modules are: Particles and Radiation, Wave and Optics, Mechanics and Materials Electricity.

In Year 13, a further four modules will be studied. Thermal Physics, Fields, Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics.

There are 3 written examinations in Year 13:

Paper 1 – 2 hours:

85 marks, 34% of A Level total

This paper has 60 marks of short and long answer questions and 25 marks on multiple choice.

Paper 2 – 2 hours:

This has the same format as paper 1 but has different topic areas.

Paper 3 – 2 hours:

This paper focuses on the practical skills and data analysis  required in the A Level course. It also has a section on the option topic that is chosen by the school – Astro physics.

80 marks, 32% of A Level total

This paper has 45 marks on practical experiments and data analysis and 35 marks on the option topic.

Bridging Course Physics