Why Study the Subject?

The study of A Level law is a complete course in itself and is designed for all students, whether or not they intend to take the subject further. Law is fascinating; a constantly changing subject that shapes and impacts our everyday lives. Students from St. Joseph’s have gone on to study Law at Cambridge, Durham, Newcastle and Sheffield Universities, to name just a few.

We are proud that Law students from here are now having an impact in the wider legal field in their roles as solicitors, barristers and legal executives.

The skills gained from A Level Law are transferable across many subjects as well as being needed for further study, the workplace and life generally. All we ask is that you have a keen and active mind with the capacity for independent thinking.

Study Law – learn about life!

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Course Content

Component 1:

Studied until Easter in Year 12, this component covers the English Legal System, with aspects of both criminal and civil law. From how laws are made to how a person can sue another to what happens when a person is given bail, this component covers a wide area of interesting legal topics culminating in an exam of 90 minutes at the end of Year 13.

To aid the study of this subject, we take all Law students to Newcastle Crown Court to observe the workings of a real court and watch trials in action.

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Components 2 and 3:

Studied from Easter in Year 12 until the end of Year 13, these components cover three areas of law: Criminal Law, Tort Law and Human Rights. All quite different but all equally as fascinating, these three topics are also studied on most Law Degrees, giving those who want to study Law at a higher level the added bonus of an excellent foundation of knowledge in those areas.

These three topics lead to two 135 minutes exams. The Component 2 exam is where students are faced with scenarios and put themselves in the position of a lawyer to advise their client in the scenario. The Component 3 exam is essay based where students show their skills of analysis and evaluation around the law in the three topics studied.

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Careers/Higher Education Pathways

Law is an A Level which is fully accepted by all universities in the country for points towards higher education entry in any subject. It gives a great foundation for students to work towards a career in one of the many areas of law, alongside the obvious careers such as a solicitor, a barrister, a legal executive or a police officer.

Furthermore, the skills learned are fully transferable across a wide range of careers, not just in the law itself.

If you require more information regarding this subject’s curriculum please contact the curriculum leader via the school office at: [email protected]

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