Key Stage 5 Subjects

Choosing the right course is very important. These questions may help you think about a choice which is suited to your strengths and individual needs.

Option A (Shared)  Option B Option C Option D (Shared) Other
Chemistry Art History Biology Core Ethics – all do
BTEC Engineering Maths Maths EN Resit
Philosophy Ethics (RE) Eng Lang Geography MA Resit
Psychology Physics Product Design Hair and Beauty – if picked then no other subjects needed
Comp Science Law Psychology
Health and Social Single Sports Studies Philosophy Ethics (RE)
English Literature Sociology
Business Studies
French (STW) Law (STJ)
Sociology (STJ) Applied Science (STJ)
Politics (STJ)
Photography (STJ)


Sixth form courses 2020-2021

Bridging Units 2021

A Level French

A Level Further Maths Student Prospectus 2020

A Level Geography

A Level History

A Level Law 2020

A Level Maths Prospectus

A Level Politics 2020

BTEC Sports Presentation

Computer Science

DT Subject Presentation

Engineering Subject Presentation

H&SC Yr11 assembly 2020

Philosophy and Ethics Taster


St Josephs Catholic Academy A Level Art Presentation

St Josephs Catholic Academy A Level Photography Presentation

Y11 introduction to sociology

Year 11 Assembly English Language and Literature A Level

1. Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Have you discussed your preferred choice of subjects with your subject teachers?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your chosen subjects at GCSE and able to continue with them to a higher level?
  • Are you likely to get the subject specific grades required to succeed at Key Stage 5?

2. Interest and Enjoyment

  • Have you demonstrated a genuine interest in a proposed subject?
  • Can you think of ways you have shown your interest outside your lessons?

3. New Subjects

  • If you are considering a subject completely new to you, what are your reasons for wanting to take it?
  • Do you know what the subject involves or relevant skills?
  • Have you considered the possible consequences of taking more than one completely new subject?
  • Have you spoken to the staff who teach that subject?

4. Career or Higher Education Course Requirements

  • If you have a career or higher education course in mind, does your choice of subjects comply with entry requirements to your chosen course?
  • Have you researched current requirements first hand from, for example, the universities publications, admissions officers and careers literature?

5. Skills

  • Do you know what sort of study the course contains, e.g. does it involve practical work, numeracy, problem solving, essay writing, out-of-school activities?
  • Do the skills you will practise reinforce or complement those in your other subjects?

6. Unhelpful Questions

  • Which teachers do I like?
  • What are my friends doing?