Key Stage 5 Subjects

Below are the virtual presentations for our subjects at key stage 5.  Take a look at subjects you need to take for your future career, ones you enjoy currently at GCSE or some new subjects which you are interested in. Our application form can be found in the ‘applying for sixth form’ drop down in the sixth form section.  If you have any questions please do get in touch: [email protected]   0191 4282700

A Levels

A Level Art

A Level Biology

A Level Chemistry

A Level Computer Science

A Level English Language

A Level English Literature

A Level French

A Level Geography

A Level History

A Level Law

A Level Maths

A Level Further Maths

A Level Music

A Level Philosophy & Ethics

A Level Photography

A Level Physics

A Level Politics

A Level Product Design

A Level Psychology

A Level Sociology

A Level Spanish



BTEC Applied Science 

BTEC Business Studies

BTEC Engineering

BTEC Health & Social Care

BTEC Nationals in Sport

Vocational Hair & Beauty