Key Stage 5 Subjects

Choosing the right course is very important. These questions may help you think about a choice which is suited to your strengths and individual needs.

Sixth form courses 2020-2021

1. Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Have you discussed your preferred choice of subjects with your subject teachers?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your chosen subjects at GCSE and able to continue with them to a higher level?
  • Are you likely to get the subject specific grades required to succeed at Key Stage 5?

2. Interest and Enjoyment

  • Have you demonstrated a genuine interest in a proposed subject?
  • Can you think of ways you have shown your interest outside your lessons?

3. New Subjects

  • If you are considering a subject completely new to you, what are your reasons for wanting to take it?
  • Do you know what the subject involves or relevant skills?
  • Have you considered the possible consequences of taking more than one completely new subject?
  • Have you spoken to the staff who teach that subject?

4. Career or Higher Education Course Requirements

  • If you have a career or higher education course in mind, does your choice of subjects comply with entry requirements to your chosen course?
  • Have you researched current requirements first hand from, for example, the universities publications, admissions officers and careers literature?

5. Skills

  • Do you know what sort of study the course contains, e.g. does it involve practical work, numeracy, problem solving, essay writing, out-of-school activities?
  • Do the skills you will practise reinforce or complement those in your other subjects?

6. Unhelpful Questions

  • Which teachers do I like?
  • What are my friends doing?