COVID-19 Key Information

January 2022 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update to all education and childcare settings and providers

Face coverings

From 20 January, face coverings are no longer advised for pupils, staff and visitors in
classrooms. From 27 January, face coverings are no longer advised for pupils, staff and
visitors in communal areas.
From 27 January, staff and pupils should follow wider advice on face coverings outside of
school, including on transport to and from school.

In circumstances where face coverings are recommended

A director of public health might advise you that face coverings should temporarily be
worn in communal areas or classrooms (by pupils, staff and visitors, unless exempt). You
should make sure your contingency plans cover this possibility. (See the stepping
measures up and down section).


What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges


Source: Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection – GOV.UK (

Information for all education and childcare settings on new measures in response to the identification of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in the UK

On Saturday 27 November, the Prime Minister announced new temporary measures following the emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in the UK.

The new measures will be introduced as a precaution to slow down the spread of the variant while we gather more information. We will continue to keep this under review as the situation develops.

Vaccine Update

Education secretary writes parents about vaccinations for 12 – 15 year olds (click here)


News from Public Health South Tyneside:

When to self-isolate (NHS):


‘In addition to the second school offer parents/carers will also be given another option to support their child to be vaccinated by booking an appointment at the Mass Vaccination centres either the Nightingale hospital in Sunderland or Centre of Life in Newcastle.  Information will be shared around this in due course, but we understand this will be available after half term, although subject to change.  We will share the information with you all once we receive it.’



Updates from Public Health South Tyneside:

This is a helpful update from the DfE bulletin:

More information on the COVID-19 vaccine, the vaccination programme and how it will work, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions, is included in the Public Health England guidance for schools.

NHS leaflets are available to provide more information to parents, carers and eligible young people on the vaccine, including how it works and what to expect after having the vaccine. Accessible versions and translations are also available.

Parents Leaflet

2021.08.26_Return to Education_Secondary School_Leaflet_A5.pdf

Covid Home Testing

Message from Public Health England

‘About 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not have symptoms but can still pass it on to others. Regular testing of people without symptoms is important to help stop the virus spreading and protect your loved ones. As lockdown restrictions gradually ease we all need to play our part to help protect each other’

 Department of Health and Social Care

Recording your child’s home LFD test result

All pupils with consent will be bringing home a pack of test kits for their use once they have had three tests carried out in school. Tests should be completed twice a week and we are suggesting that the tests are taken on a Sunday and Wednesday of each week. (If your child’s last test in school was on a Friday, then do the first two home tests on Monday & Thursday reverting to Sunday & Wednesday the following week). All results should be recorded on the links below for the NHS and our records.

There are 3 stage to the testing process.

  1. Take the test. Watch this video to help. How to do a COVID-19 Self Test (rapid antigen test) – YouTube
  2. Record the results with NHS – Report a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test result – GOV.UK (
  3. Record results with school using this link –

Should your child test positive, please inform the school in the usual manner via their HOH or [email protected] You will be expected to book a PCR lab test to confirm this positive result.  If the PCR test is negative you do not need to continue with self isolation. (see PHE stay at home guidance)

If you get a void result please take another test.  If the second test result is void please book a PCR test.  You must log the outcome of the void result to the NHS using the link above.

If you have had tested positive for COVID in the last 90 days there is no need to home test unless you develop symptoms, in which case you would need to book a PCR test.

Before carrying out your test it is important that you watch the video created by Dr Amir Khan to see how to carry out the swab at home (Step 1 above).  Be sure to be careful with the liquid solution, keep this away from your eyes and face.

You must also ensure you are using the correct user guide.

Latest DfE information for parents/carers


Information for parents and carers about attending schools, nurseries and colleges in the spring term 2021.

NHS – When to self-isolate

NHS Letter to Parents: 23rd September – PHE letter to parents and guardians

Public Health England Updates:

  What to do if my child has COVID-19 (coronavirus) symptoms* – A quick guide for parents / carers – Stay-at-home-guidance-for-households-with-possible-coronavirus-covid-19-infection


January 2022

COVID Risk Assessment

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Covid Catch Up Grant

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Drop-in clinics to speed South Tyneside vaccine effort

New vaccine drop-ins – content for practice websites

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