Enrichment is an essential element to help our students to be future ready for their next stage in life. All student take part in an enrichment programme during their time at St Joseph’s.

Enrichment Programme

We are currently developing a new enrichment programme for September 2022!  We can’t wait to share this information with you shortly.

Study Skills – All students take part in a study skills programme facilitated throughout both years through life skills tutor time and key events.  Links with local universities and internal provision provide workshops to develop revision skills, organisation skills and resilience to give students the tools to meet the challenges of A levels.

Careers Programme – As a Catholic School our core mission is to support each individual to become the best they can be, to live life to the full.  To this end our careers programme is at the heart of empowering students to set personal goals which drive progress and attainment. A bespoke programme has been developed for the Sixth form to ensure individual needs are met and activities are appropriate to students’ stages of career learning. This is delivered through Life skills, tutor time, subject areas and key events, such as attending a careers fair at St. James’ Park. Throughout the year students will engage with employers from a variety of sectors to prepare students for their post-18 decisions.

Enrichment week – Each year students spend the final week of term developing skills and taking part in experiences outside the subject curriculum in a real-life context. Opportunities to engage with employers are planned and taster days at local universities. These encounters build on their understanding of local labour market, job roles, and routes into further education. They build aspirations and support informed choices.

General RE – The General RE programme allows students in Years 12 and 13 work towards internal awards.  The content has been planned to give students challenges to work towards, and are planned to build their employability skills, help those in our parish communities and be something they could include on their UCAS form and discuss at University interviews. Outside agencies are used at key elements to promote thought and deliver expertise information about specialist subjects.

Work Experience – All Years 12 Students spend one week in work placements in the summer term. We also encourage and give guidance to individuals looking for regular volunteering placements.

Peer Support – Students are targeted by Curriculum Leaders to provide peer support to the lower school students.  If for instance a student took A Level English, then they could be asked to support students in key stage 3 English lessons.  Not all students are given this opportunity and it is a wonderful addition to UCAS applications and CV’s.

Links to Local Universities and Industry – St Joseph’s has established links with all local universities. These support students with employability skills, preparation for interview and applications and help students to make informed choices.

There will be other opportunities throughout the year offered which we will encourage students to become involved with.