Careers Policy

Whole School CIAEG (Careers Information Advice and Educational Guidance) Policy 2021/22

Headteacher: Mr P Mitchell

September 2020

Careers Policy


St Joseph’s school is founded in its mission to support each member of our community to live life to the full. In pursuit of this aim we foster and environment which allow all individuals to flourish developing resilience, confidence and supporting each other to become outward facing members of society making positive contributions.


St Joseph’s has a strategically planned whole school provision in place for careers education, information, advice and guidance that is designed to inspire all students to make informed choices about their future aims and ambitions. The CIAEG programme consists of a mix of teacher-led activities, online resources and engagement with external employers and professionals. It has been developed following Gatsby Benchmark and Careers Development Institute guidelines.


St Joseph’s Careers Education and Guidance policy has the following aims

  • To support self-development where students understand themselves and the influences on them
  • To contribute towards raising achievement by increasing motivation through student goals and aspirations.
  • To provide opportunities for career exploration in learning and real-life context
  • To provide information for student to make informed choices and confidently adjust plans to manage change and transition.
  • To develop enterprise and employability skills


CIAEG is delivered through PSHE lessons in years 7-11 and with explicit links in subject areas. The triangulation of the careers module in PSHE and links to subject areas form a comprehensive overview of CIAEG across the school. Themes develop through year group with appropriate focuses in relation to transition points. Additional opportunities are provided during enrichment week and at key points in the calendar.

In the Curriculum

At St Joseph’s the CIAEG programme is taught as part of PSHE and across subject areas. In PSHE topics of study include finance awareness, work related learning, enterprise, work experience preparation and employability skills. Key transition points are explored through PSHE including routes into further education, undergraduates and higher level apprenticeship courses. Subject areas explore career routes, employability skills such as presentations and make links to STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths)


Opportunities to engage with employers are planned at strategic points during student progression through St Joseph’s. These encounters build on their understanding of local labour market, job roles, and routes into further education. They build aspirations and support informed choices. Many of these events take place during the school’s enrichment week. Students will take part in exploration of sustainability and infrastructure with cafod, Flood planning and presentation with the Environment Agency, careers fairs with local employers, employability skills and work experience with South Tyneside Homes, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) days, and work with Engineering Development Trust, Business in the Community and NYBEP. We also run a rotation of employers who deliver sessions during assemblies. All Year 11 students receive a 1:1 careers guidance interview from a level 7 qualified independent and impartial careers adviser.


St Joseph’s takes care to ensure that students are parents are fully informed at all stages and key transitions. This includes providing advice for student and parents during year 9 in the lead up to option choices, and year 10 and 11 in the transition to post 16. This will take the form of individual sessions with careers advisor, support from the pastoral team, assemblies, individual session with SLT team and information from external providers during careers fairs.

Work Experience

All students in year 10 and 12 carry out a week of work experience placement. Work experience aims to provide all young people with an opportunity to:

  • Obtain a wider awareness of the world of work as part of their general education
  • Learn outside the classroom
  • Increase their economic understanding
  • Relate their studies to the world of work and training.

Where possible students arrange their own work experience. The process of contacting possible employers is a valuable tool for the development of skills and confidence. Students are supported in this process by their form tutors and pastoral staff.  St Joseph’s use Future Works provider to ensure that all Health and Safety reviews are carried out for all placements to ensure that they will provide a safe learning environment.

Parents and Carers

Parental involvements and communication is encourage at all stages of our careers programme. Information supporting key elements of the programme such as work experience are available on the website. These include online resources and links. Parents are kept up to date with career related information through parents evenings, open evenings, the website and letters.

Evaluation of the policy

  • Analysis of destinations of leavers
  • NEETs (not in education, employment or training) % figures
  • Feedback from student leavers surveys
  • Reports to governors about careers
  • Feedback on the careers programme from parents, students, employers and staff and use this to inform future career planning
  • Careers evaluation found within school evaluation procedures and processes e.g. SEF, SIP