Applying for Sixth Form

Students will be offered a place at St. Joseph’s Sixth Form if they meet the following results/ criteria:

  • At least five 9 – 4 grades, including mathematics and English Language (there is opportunities to resit Maths and English)
  • A minimum of a Grade 6 at GCSE in the subject they want to study at A Level
  • A minimum of a Merit in the subject they want to study in Vocational Subjects

To complete the online application form click here: online application form

The final application date for places is March 2021 (late entries will be considered this year)

Current Year 11 students will be invited to attend a taster day in January each year where they can sample chosen subjects and speak to the sixth form staff.

Student Learning Agreement

Post 16 education is voluntary so it is important that you make a full commitment to achieving success on your chosen courses.
Our Sixth form learning agreement outlines the expectations of a student at St Joseph’s ensuring that everyone is able to reach their potential.

Student Learning Agreement

I acknowledge the following conditions are an integral part of joining the community of St Joseph’s Sixth Form and agree to the content that follows:

Attendance and punctuality terms

  • Attend regularly, only being absent for legitimate reasons and notifying absence immediately by phone, followed by a letter from parent/carer
  • Arrive on time for ALL lessons
  • If my attendance falls below 90% or I am late more than 10% of the time for school or any individual subject then
    • My place in the Sixth Form may be withdrawn
    • Should I wish to continue with my studies in the Sixth Form I may need to pay the examination fees for all the examinations I wish to sit.
  • Attend tutorials, Life-skills lessons, assemblies and liturgies

Commitment to my studies

  • Have high personal standards and expectations in all subjects studied
  • Meet all deadlines for both coursework and homework
  • ALL of my work must be my own
  • Make effective use of achievement targets
  • Make effective use of teaching and learning time
  • Make effective use of assessment for learning
  •  Respond positively to actions put in place to combat underachievement
  • Prepare effectively and with commitment for all tests and examinations

Community Involvement

  • Follow the school dress code
  • Be a credit to myself and the school at every opportunity
  • Treat all other members of the school community with respect
  • Be a good example and role model to the younger students in St Joseph’s

Should any of the above terms and conditions be broken, the school reserves the right to reconsider my place in the Sixth Form and where necessary, withdraw me from my examinations. I understand that in general there is a system of verbal warning, written final warning and dismissal and loss of Sixth Form place. Further to this, there is a reservation made that the Director of Sixth Form has the right and authority to by-pass this system where deemed appropriate.

It is the policy of the school to work in active partnership with students and their parents/carers and we will strive to maintain good home-school communication links on all matters. To show that they fully understand the above conditions, students sign the learning agreement contract.

The Admission Process:


Attend the Open evening 6pm-8pm.

  • Collect Prospectus and Subject Flyers.
  • Presentation in Main Hall.
  • Take a tour of facilities on offer at St Joseph’s.
  • Talk to staff and students about options, enrichment and pastoral support.
  • Complete online application form.
  • Review Choosing your Key Stage 5 course information on website.


  • 6th Form taster day


  • Deadline for applications (late applications may also be considered)
  • Provisional offer of a place on courses (no offer is confirmed until we have seen your GCSE results)


  • Parents information evening.
  • Details of how to confirm your GCSE results and how to enrol


  • Letter home detailing enrolment process.


  • 20th August collect GCSE results.
  • 20th August Enrol at St Joseph’s. (10.00 am – 1.00 pm)

Enrolment link:

Sixth Form Enrollment