Staffing Structure

Headteacher: Mr P Mitchell
Chair of Governors: Mrs G Kilgour


Senior Leadership Team:

Deputy Headteacher (T&L): Mrs S Lewis-Dale
Assistant Headteacher (Data & Curriculum): Mr D McGuinness
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs C Curry
Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral): Mr A McConway
Associate Assistant Headteacher (T&L): Mr R Gardner
Associate Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral): Mrs B Berry
Associate Assistant Headteacher (SEND): Mrs R Tubman
Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mr M Simpson


SEND Co-ordinator – Mrs R Tubman
Head of Aidan House – Mrs H Cobain
Head of Bede House – Mrs K Coyles
Head of Cuthbert House – Mr M Leask
Head of Dunston House – Mrs K Hardy-Jones

Assistant Head of Aidan House – Miss L McVay
Assistant Head of Bede House (Acting) – Miss R Lumley
Assistant Head of Cuthbert House – Mrs D Visram
Assistant Head of Dunston House – Mr G Rudd

Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form: Mrs C Curry
Head of Year 12: Mrs K Robson
Head of Year 13: Mrs m Kerr

Heads of Department:

Mathematics: Mrs A Whyte
English: Mrs S O’Connor
Science: Mr S Thomas
Chemistry: Dr A Glen
Biology: Mr T Willis
Physics: Mr I McDuff
Geography: Mr M Simpson
History: Miss L Roddie
Physical Education: Mr J Burns
Religious Studies: Mr A Young
Modern Foreign Languages: Mrs C Anderson
ICT & Computer Science: Mr A Smail
Design & Technology: Mrs A Henshall (Acting)
Art & Design: Mrs L Crombie
Music: Ms S Malone
Psychology: Mrs E Erskine
Law & Politics: Mr S Mather
Sociology: Mrs Z Rogan
Health & Social Care: Mrs L Palmer
Business Studies: Mr P Hall (Acting)

Staff Directory 2022-2023