Support For Families

Parent, Carer and extended family opportunities:
St Joseph’s Catholic Academy places strong emphasis on working together with parents and carers. We offer a range of parent and carer programmes, workshops and coffee mornings throughout the academic year. We aim to provide a range of services that encompass both educational and practical sessions, as well as opportunities for parents to share their own knowledge and expertise and gain support from one another.

During this academic year we plan to offer a range of workshops to support the work done in the Academy around communication, socialisation and independence. Please contact the Academy and ask to speak with Mrs Fryett for more information.

Early Help
We offer early help through our pastoral team, and can refer into South Tyneside Council if you require further support. Please call the Academy and ask to speak with your child’s Head of House for more information.

Additional Specialist Support
Sometimes we all require more support. If you think you, your child or your family would benefit from this, please contact your Child’s Head of House for more advice.

South Tyneside best start in life programme
South Tyneside Council have lots of advice around how to support your child. For more information, please follow this link: