Business Studies

Key Stage 4:

Can you think of a job that doesn’t have any connection with business?

Difficult isn’t it? That’s because business forms an important backdrop to the world around us.

Studying business encourages you to develop your analytical and evaluative skills, skills that employers love and which will also be useful if you continue your studies beyond St Joseph’s.

Business Studies can also lead to a number of career paths and further education options.

You will explore the different types of enterprise and their ownership; looking specifically at the characteristics of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs. Looking at market research, you will analyse and interpret your findings to ensure that there is a clear focus on the customers and their needs.

You will plan and pitch an enterprise, evaluating your presentation skills. Finally, identifying how your experience relates to the requirements of enterprise more generally. This will include implementing strategies to support your success; investigating the cash flow and statements of a business whilst exploring how the promotional mix is used to increase success in the future.

Overall, you will develop transferable skills, such as research and data analysis, supporting your future progression.

Key Stage 5:

BTEC Business Studies


Why Study the Subject?

Business forms an important backdrop to the world around us. Our subject content enables learners to investigate different types and sizes of organisations in various business sectors and environments, drawing on local, national and global contexts.

You will develop a broad understanding of business and enterprise and be aware of the opportunities and threats of operating in a global marketplace. You will be become familiar with current issues in business and be able to investigate, analyse and evaluate contemporary business issues, whilst recognising how businesses adapt to operate in a dynamic business environment.

You will gain an understanding of the important role played by small businesses in the economy and the opportunities that exist for entrepreneurs, as well as the importance of established businesses and not-for-profit organisations in providing goods and services.



Over the two years you will study four modules; these include the two externally examined units Developing a Marketing Campaign and Personal and Business Finance in the first year before concentrating on the coursework elements Exploring Business and Recruitment and Selection Process.

Developing a Marketing Campaign allows you to see marketing as a dynamic field and how it is integral to a businesses’ success. You will develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the field of marketing.

Personal and Business Finance will given you the ability to manage money which is crucial to both yourself as an individual and to keep businesses out of difficulties. Managing your money will help you achieve future objectives and dreams and ensure business survival.

Exploring businesses will see you study purposes of different businesses, their structure, the effect of the external environment, and how a business must be dynamic and innovative to survive.

Recruitment and Selection Process: employees are the most important resource in most businesses, influencing the success. You will be involved in the recruitment process from planning, advertising, selecting and offering the job to the successful candidate.


Careers/Higher Education Pathways

Both courses are excellent stepping stones into Higher Education and the route to employment. Studying business provides you with the transferable skills of analysing and evaluating data, giving you the confidence to provide judgements. You will have opportunities to work in a team and improve your presentation and research skills; key employability skills to support you in the future.

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