Inter-Faith Cultural Exchange:

4th June 2024

On Monday 3rd June 2024, we were blessed with a visit from 4 American Christian students who are doing a post-graduate Christian internship in the North East of England. The college students, supported by Hope Family Church, Rev. Gavin and Suzie came in to give our students the opportunity to explore American faith, culture, beliefs and practices.

Students had the opportunity to get to know the interns, pose theologically challenging questions ranging from ‘when have they experienced Jesus in their lives’ to ‘why would an omnibenevolent God allow the existence of evil and suffering’. Then students had the opportunity to have lunch with them in the refectory. We will be welcoming the American interns back several times over the next coming weeks and we are really looking forward to working closely with them in the future to help share our faith and explore their faith through our inter-faith dialogue programme.

Thanks again to Rev. Gavin, Suzie and Hope Family Church for supporting us with this opportunity.