St. Joseph’s welcomes Broadmoor Baptist Church

25th May 2023

St. Joseph’s welcomes Broadmoor Baptist Church students from Louisiana for a day of faith, music and reflection.

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming 15 students and their staff from Louisiana’s Broadmoor Baptist Church in America who have flown in on mission to help share their love of Christ, their passion and their faith and their immense talent for musical praise with St. Joseph’s students.

Students in years 7-13 had the opportunity to listen to worship music, interview the American Christian students about their culture, their faith and how they worship and share our culture with them. Students posed thoughtful and interesting questions to the American students and it was an absolute honour and pleasure to welcome them to St. Joseph’s.

We are immensely grateful for their time and support and witness to the Gospel and for inspiring our students to deepen their faith and journey further down their own spiritual paths. We are also extremely grateful to Rev. Gavin and Rev. Anita from Hope Family Church for offering us this workshop day and supporting the students in inspiring our St. Joseph’s students. Thank you to all those involved.

God bless.