Knife Crime Awareness

18th October 2019

As part of the government initiative to combat and reduce knife crime amongst young people, Northumbria Police aim to deliver knife crime information and awareness to students in secondary schools within the force area. Our local police community team are going to be delivering a presentation to students which will serve as a proactive approach to raise awareness of the risks and consequences of knife crime.

Students will take part in year group presentations delivered as part of our PSHE programme; the information being delivered by the police will therefore be age appropriate. This term the following year groups will have presentations on the dates below:

● Year 10: 8th November
● Year 11: 29th November
● Year 9: 13th December

Information will be provided to students regarding knife crime and the law, as well as advice for students as to how to keep themselves safe. Further information can be accessed via:

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs C. Hammill
Deputy Headteacher, Pastoral Care