End of year 7 Mass celebrated by the amazing Fr. Adrian Dixon

28th June 2024

This morning all of year 7 gathered together in St. James’ church to celebrate the end of their spiritual journey through year 7 at St. Joseph’s.

The Mass was celebrated by the amazing Fr. Adrian Dixon who has ministered to all our students through their spiritual journeys here at sunny St. Joseph’s. Students undertook liturgical Ministeries like Altar serving with passion and confidence, read beautifully and lead thought-provoking prayers.

We were also led in beautiful liturgical music by the choir and musicians. The theme of the Mass was “What does it profit someone to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of their own soul? For what can someone give in return for their soul?”. We reflected upon keeping Christ at the centre of everything we do and being true to who God called us to be.

Thank you for all involved and for Fr. Adrian for his constant spiritual support.

God bless.