Reasons to choose St. Joseph’s

Here at St. Joseph’s our aim has always been to provide a welcoming learning environment which supports all students in meeting their full potential, opening up future choice and possibilities.

One of my readings that I keep on returning to with the Sixth-Form is ” all things are possible”.  We truly believe that here at St. Josephs.

The pastoral team at St. Joseph’s have many years of experience. Students will be supported by a sympathetic and experienced tutor, Pastoral Leaders and myself.

We have systems such as weekly monitoring and internal mocks to ensure that problems are recognised quickly and action is taken to put things right before it is too late. These include weekly after-school study sessions and a study skills programme running from year 12 through to 13.

The pastoral and academic support run side and side ensuring every student has the best chance to develop as an individual and succeed.

Our academic outcomes are the best in the area. Students here at St. Joseph’s make more progress at A level than any other local school.