Law Department Visit to Newcastle Law School

6th January 2022

Mr. Mather, Head of Law and Politics, and the Year 13 Law students were privileged to take part in a revision session at Newcastle Law School, led by one of the university’s academics, Beverley Smith. Beverley recapped the law on non-fatal offences against the person and the defence of consent linking these key areas of the A Level course to two practice scenario questions in which the students had to decide if the defendants were guilty or not guilty of any offences.


It was particularly interesting for the students to be informed about an up-to-date case example on body modification which took place recently and led to a rather surprising outcome! All the students present did themselves proud in taking a full part in the session, by answering questions posed by Beverley and also by asking questions about the law, the Law School and the courses available in Law at Newcastle University.


The session ended with a tour of the Law School and especially the Law Library, one of the very few libraries left in universities around the country dedicated to Law. The library weaves around many turns in the basement of the Law School and is a treasure trove of legal knowledge. It also brought back many happy memories for Mr. Mather who studied there more than a few years ago!


Mr. Mather and the students would like to express our huge gratitude to the Law School for allowing us to visit and especially to Beverley for preparing and presenting an excellent session for us which will certainly help us in the run-up to the final exams in the summer.