Justice Week and the Big Legal Lesson at St Joseph’s

24th March 2022

From 14-18 March, Mr. Mather and the Law Department led Justice Week at school where all students were given the opportunity to learn about the law, take part in activities and competitions as well as win prizes.

The theme of this year’s Big Legal Lesson from Young Citizens UK, which was the focus of Justice Week, was social media and the law. During assemblies, students learned about the importance of what is said on social media and the potential trouble that awaits for comments that shouldn’t be made on there. These include being prosecuted for contempt of court, grossly offensive comments, threats or being sued for defamation.

Key Stage 4 students were also looking at the balance between the Freedom of Expression, a freedom we all have from the European Convention of Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998, and the limits put on that freedom by law.

During the week, Year 12 Law students helped Mr. Mather run at stall at dinnertimes and students who visited the stall took part in quizzes and activities as well as learned about the issues. Mr. Mather would like to thank all the Year 12 students who supported this, you were superb!

At the stall, many students won prizes for their excellent answers and discussions. These prizes were donated by Newcastle Law School at Newcastle University and we are very grateful to them for their ongoing support of all things Law at St Joseph’s.

Justice Week 2022 is over, bring on Justice Week 2023!