Information Technology (BTEC)

Why Study the Subject?

Do you enjoy learning about technology and how it works? Skills shortages in key areas of the digital economy means there is a wide variety of IT careers available for people with the right qualifications and experience.

BTEC courses provide a solid grounding in all aspects of IT, from data modelling and cyber-security to social media and web development. You’ll be putting theory into practice with assignment-based coursework and practical tests.

Course Content
This course is designed as a vocational qualification which will provide you opportunities to gain specific knowledge, understanding and skills that are relevant within a working environment. It also develops a range of employability skills which you may not find in other qualification types. You will undertake a mix of external exams and assignments in 4 topic areas over the two years.

Year 12
In the first year this will include both compulsory units where you will study the design, creation, testing and evaluation of a relational database system to manage information.

You will also undertake a Social Media unit through which you will explore how businesses use social media to promote their products and services. You will also implement social media activities in a business to meet specific requirements.

Year 13
In the second year you will study a further two units. This will include Information Technology Systems where you will study the role of computer systems and the implications of their use in personal and professional situations.

Along with this you will also be required to investigate website development principles. You will design and develop a website using scripting languages. All assignments will be given a work related focus and real life scenario.

Careers/Higher Education Pathways:
You will experience a challenging and rewarding career in the ever-changing world of technology. Here’s a taste of the different careers a BTEC in the sector could lead to:

  • Web Design
  • Cyber Security and Risk Management
  • Data Analysis and Analytics
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Database Management
  • Technical Support

Many local companies are also offering Higher Level Apprenticeships in IT and these are an increasingly attractive option for many students.