Religious Education

GCSE Religious Education aims to challenge our students theologically, ethically and spiritually. It is a rigorous course which addresses the ‘big issues’ of life and helps to prepare students for their future lives.

At St. Joseph’s we study the EDUQAS Route B Catholic Theology course with Judaism as our second religion. The course is delivered consistently by a passionate team of dedicated subject specialists who endeavour to bring the topics to life.

In Year 10 you will study:

  • Origins and Meanings: This course examines a range of different creation beliefs, it explores the need for stewardship and environmental sustainability, it examines the ethical implications of abortion from both a Catholic and Humanist perspective before exploring theological art work and the role of charities like CAFOD/SVP/Mini-vinnies.
  • Good and Evil: This module addresses the question of ‘why does God allow evil’? In this module you will explore a range of answers and theodicies that aim to address this question. You will explore how different Christians try to atone for sin, reasons that suffering can be a positive thing, you meet an ex-boro gangster and hear about his conversion story and explore sculpture in the Catholic Church linked to good and evil.
  • Judaism – In this module we explore the key beliefs and practices of the Jewish faith. This includes exploring the importance of the Torah and the prophets through to examining the fantastic diversity of religious festivals, customs and traditions encompassed in the Jewish religion.

In Year 11 you will study:

  • Life and Death – In this module we explore the existence of an afterlife from a Catholic, Humanist and non-materialist perspective. We also examine the ethics of euthanasia, palliative care and explore key movements in the Church such as the Second Vatican Council.
  • Crime, Sin and Forgiveness – In this module we examine different theories of punishment and the strengths and weaknesses of these for Roman Catholics. We explore the importance of forgiveness using the example of Pope John Paul II. We debate the morality of the death penalty and examine the importance of living in a multi-faith society and the role of evangelisation today.


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If you require more information regarding the subject, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Young, Curriculum Leader for Religious Education via the school office on: [email protected] God bless.