Business Studies

Can you think of a job that doesn’t have any connection with business?

Difficult isn’t it? That’s because business forms an important backdrop to the world around us.

Studying business encourages you to develop your analytical and evaluative skills, skills that employers love and which will also be useful if you continue your studies beyond St Joseph’s.

Business Studies can also lead to a number of career paths and further education options.

You will explore the different types of enterprise and their ownership; looking specifically at the characteristics of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs. Looking at market research, you will analyse and interpret your findings to ensure that there is a clear focus on the customers and their needs.

You will plan and pitch an enterprise, evaluating your presentation skills. Finally, identifying how your experience relates to the requirements of enterprise more generally. This will include implementing strategies to support your success; investigating the cash flow and statements of a business whilst exploring how the promotional mix is used to increase success in the future.

Overall, you will develop transferable skills, such as research and data analysis, supporting your future progression.