Science is an exciting and very important subject.  Every part of our lives – health, materials and engineering – relies on Scientific understanding.  Science can be separated into three main subjects:

  • Biology – the study of living organisms and their environment.
  • Chemistry – how substances react and how we can make new useful materials.
  • Physics – how objects interact with each other as well as electricity, space etc.

At Key Stage 3 Science is usually taught by one teacher in Units which focus on one topic. At the end of each Unit is a Key Task which is teacher marked.

A very important aspect of Science is practical work. Most lessons will have a demonstration or an experiment that students carry out.  We encourage all students to take part in experiments and develop the skills to work safely and productively.

At the end of each Module there are thinking skills lessons to develop practical skills and mini-projects designed to help students solve problems related to a real-world issue or career.