Creating a lifetime love of reading is at the core of our Key Stage 3 English curriculum at St. Joseph’s.

Texts have been selected for pupil enjoyment in addition to the rigour and challenge they present.  Pupils receive eight lessons per fortnight of English and receive a weekly homework task.  Pupils follow a very structured modular system which enables them to experience a wealth of materials across their three years.

In each year group, pupils will study: a modern novel, a selection of poetry based on a theme, a modern play and a Shakespeare play in addition to a range of non-fiction texts, based on a theme.  During year 9, pupils will be exposed to some of their GCSE Literature texts to embed the content and skills required for the GCSE course.

In addition to an exciting core curriculum at key stage 3, we also have a distinct skills lesson to build and develop on core reading and writing skills learned at key stage 2.  We work with our Catholic Primary feeder schools to support students in their transition from year 6 into year 7 to aid consistent progress.

Finally, we encourage our students to participate in a variety of competitions and fund-raising events throughout the year such as: Readathon, World Book Day, Radio 2’s ‘500 Words’ short story competition.  Wherever possible we participate in a range of extra-curricular opportunities, such as theatre visits, attending poetry workshops and a reading club.