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As we see technology moving on so quickly and a huge difference in the way young people communicate and interact socially, it is important we keep up to date and help them to make wise choices.

Here at St Joseph’s we try to ensure our pupils are equipped to keep up with the ever changing options available to them in a safe and positive manner. From their early introduction of e-safety within their first term of ICT and Computing lessons to a continued and consistent message in later years within assemblies and enrichment activities. We also encourage parents to become observant and involved in their child’s online world. To help support you in this we have provided a range of information sites which will help ensure you are aware of how to best do this.

Resources for Parents:

Internet Safety Factsheet

Parent/child Conversation Starters


Links for Parents:

Think you know Parents Page for Secondary Pupils : https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/Secondary/

The Digital Universe of Your Children : http://www.saferinternet.org/digitaluniverse

A Guide to E-safety for Parents and Carers : http://smartfuse.s3.amazonaws.com/5cb74c63eaccafab7b69422a183587bb/uploads/2014/11/esafety-guide.pdf

RULES ‘N TOOLS 14-18 years : http://smartfuse.s3.amazonaws.com/d3a3ddb3f55b92cb348b18b85f43909a/uploads/2013/12/Rules-N-Tools-Age-Based-Guidelines-14-18.pdf

RULES ‘N TOOLS 11-13 years : http://smartfuse.s3.amazonaws.com/d3a3ddb3f55b92cb348b18b85f43909a/uploads/2013/12/Rules-N-Tools-Age-Based-Guidelines-Eleven-Thirteen.pdf

Playing Safe online : http://www.askaboutgames.com/playing-safe-online-useful-information-for-parents/

Advice on safety tools for Social Media : http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/advice-and-resources/parents-and-carers/safety-tools-on-online-services/social-networks