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Student Behaviour

The behaviour of students is outstanding… Students’ relationships with staff are excellent. This is a consequence of the high quality care and support that the staff provide. Students are keen and eager to learn…Disruption in any form is extremely infrequent.

Ofsted Report 2015


The quality of the Catholic Life of the school is outstanding because the pupil is at the centre of the school’s mission.

Denominational (S48) Inspection Report 2014


At St Joseph’s we provide an education which offers students the best opportunity to attain their full potential without being hindered by others. In achieving this, the staff aim to promote, within our students, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility in order to create a disciplined, orderly, respectful community within a loving, caring and forgiving framework. We look for and welcome the support of parents in this process.

Like any organisation we have rules, but we aim to educate our students to understand the reasons behind each of these rules. We also firmly believe that by recognising and encouraging good behaviour, as well as positive achievement and success by students, we will avert potential discipline problems.

When students do behave in such a way as to offend against the principles of good behaviour then we do apply sanctions. These can vary from an on the sport reprimand accompanied by an appropriate explanation, useful extra work, some community service or a letter home to parents. For serious and persistent misbehaviour sterner sanctions are used, including exclusion from lessons and/or school.

In order to achieve our aim, we believe it is essential that everyone is guided by Gospel Values. This is described in more detail on our Gospel Values page.

“Do as you are asked the first time that you are asked” is our central school rule. A more detailed list of our expectations and rules is on pages 15-17 of the student planners. Our Student Behaviour policy can be found on our Policies page.

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