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School Uniform

2017-2018: Uniform Policy (click the link to see the policy from September 2017).

Uniforms and PE Kits can be purchased from Little Gems and J&K Clothing.

Summer uniform 2018 will begin on 11/6/18 and run for this half term.

Every student comes to school in FULL UNIFORM.

Full uniform is expected until registration begins at 8.40.

Within registration tutors will give students the option to dress in summer uniform.

Many students choose to remain in full uniform so this is a valid option.

Ties may be removed. If this is done the top 2 buttons only should be opened.

If a tie is removed the blazer has to be removed.

A student may remove a blazer but keep the tie on.

If a tie is on it has to be tied to the top.

Shirt sleeves are allowed to be raised to the elbow whether a tie is on or not.

Shirts have to remain tucked in.

At 3pm students may leave in summer uniform.

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