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Dress Code

Female Students

Black Jumper or cardigan with Sixth Form badge to worn over a white shirt or blouse (available from JK Clothing, Ellison Street, Jarrow)

Tailored black trousers, (which must have a waist band and not contain press studs) or a black knee length skirt.

No mini or tight fitting skirts or tight fitting trousers.

White shirt or blouse

Black smart shoes which are flat/low heel


Male Students uniform

Black jumper or cardigan with Sixth Form badge (available from JK Clothing, Ellison Street, Jarrow)

Tailored black trousers

White shirt

Tie of your choice

Black shoes


All Students

All students must wear smart shoes when in uniform. Leisure and sports shoes are not to be worn except during physical education.

Outdoor coats must be large enough to provide adequate protection in bad weather; short denim jackets and leather jackets are not acceptable. Outdoor coats should be in plain colours and must not be decorated with slogans.

Outdoor coats should be removed when in the school building.

Every effort has been made to ensure the safety of students, but it is essential that all items of school clothing be marked with the owners’ name.

No underwear should be visible through shirts or blouses – jumper or cardigan should be worn


Items not acceptable

Trainers, canvas shoes, open toed shoes or UGG boots, Doc Martin’s.

Hats or baseball caps; denim or leather clothing; casual wear including sportswear, low cut tops, vest tops, shorts, leggings, jeans, hoodies. Trousers that resemble jeans are not permitted.

Extremes of fashion and exaggerated hairstyles are not appropriate with school uniform. Girls should not wear excessive make-up or excessive jewellery


Ear spacers, lip or nose rings/studs are not permitted.