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All children have particular needs which must be met if the goal of developing their full potential is to be achieved. Ideally the education of every child will be individually planned to make this possible.

Where children must have help, over and above what most others require, they have Special Educational Needs and we at St Joseph’s aim to support these children within mainstream education.

Students with specific difficulties will be provided with individual programmes of work which may be undertaken with an individual teacher. This will include students with fairly severe reading and spelling difficulties.

Children with Special Education Needs will be identified as those who:

  • have been statemented by the Local Authority
  • have learning difficulties which can only be overcome by extra work or special help outside that normally provided by us for our students
  • have physical, emotional or behavioural problems, making special provision necessary
  • are very able or exceptionally gifted
  • are newly arrived in school and have linguistic difficulties

In line with our Mission Statement, we will strive to create an environment where all our children are equally valued and respected. Specifically, we will ensure that all children with Special Education Needs have:

  • as far as possible, access to normal, whole curriculum practices through the school
  • a staff commitment to develop their potential at all times
  • diagnostic testing (of a clear and specific type) which leads to positive support teaching, realistic target setting and improvement and special individual help where appropriately diagnosed
  • an environment that is warm and welcoming
  • an atmosphere of care and concern, a right to the dignity, respect and equal worth principles according to others
  • every support to reach at least a basic level of literacy and numeracy to cope with future employment demands
  • a right to examinations and accreditation at 16+ in line with all other students
  • full recognition of the vital importance of developing oral/aural   communication skills, building student confidence via highly skilled, aware teachers and the use of modern technology such as word processors and computers
  • access to additional adult (teacher, teaching support, parent, sixth-former) support within the normal classroom
  • individualised programmes of work, provided additionally for very able students, to ensure each student maximises his/her potential
  • an entitlement beyond subject teaching, including ‘preparation for adult life’ and ‘preparation for the world of work’
  • the right to valid and relevant education beyond the age of 16+

Support for Children with Special Education Needs

For children with learning difficulties we provide:
  • a Head of Learning Support and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (Mrs H Hall) who advises departments on the need to provide appropriate work for students
  • specialist SENCO assistants
  • support within teaching groups
  • additional resources and individual classroom teaching support by teaching assistants and sixth form students

For children with exceptional talent or ability we provide:

  • a Curriculum Leader for Gifted and Talented Students (Mr C Dimmock) who advises staff on the need to provide the following:
    • individual programmes of work
    • additional resources which supplement classroom teaching