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Independent study

DepartmentHomeworkDeadlineRevision info. e.g. Website. Resources.
ENGLISH LITComplete 2 qns from paper 1. Pupils to complete all reading material from Mr Old, Pupils to read the novel Atonementw/b 7/01department revision guides, google classroom page
ENGLISH LANGTwo revision tools on change (historical and language levels)

Two revision tools on diversity (Global English/American English and Occupation and Power)

An article about attitudes to occupational language (Paper two section B)

An essay about language change from below (Paper Two section A)
w/b 7/01Files. Department revision guides
MATHSPractice Exam Questions set.WB 07/01/2019
CHEMISTRYsynoptic question booklets on y12 work07/01/2019
BIOLOGYPractice Exam Question bookletsWB 07/01/19
PHYSICSReview of fields/optics test, organise notes/filesWB 07/01/19
PHIOLOSOPHY AND ETHICSCreate scholar banks for every module in Year 12 and 13 Philosophy, Ethics and New TestamentWB 07/01/19Files
GEOGRAPHYCompleting independent investigation write-upWB 07/01/19CPG revision guides, dept. textbook collection
HISTORYFor Tudors the class are completing a sources essay, revision of Edward VI and corrections from an essay. KRobson: Write a coursework plan and two historian’s assessments. 07/01/2019 08/01/2019Booklet guides
PHOTOGRAPHYdevelopment and completetion of personal portfolio on google slidesWB 04/02/19student support sheet for the exam feb- apr/ may 2019
P.E.Year 12: Individualied HW set on Respiratory System Mind Map (ADB) To revise the components of fitness and definitions (MDL) Year 13: Unit 4 (GBR) To complete psychological factors linking to safety, goal.outcome, the environment, participant, interaction. Unit 3 (GR) Interview prepWB 07/01/19
ICTUnit 1 – past papersWB 07/01/19https://www.knowitallninja.com/courses/information-technology-systems/
B.STUDIESComponent 1 past papers – practice questions and producing revision resources from digital resources/Eduqas revision guideWB 07/01/19https://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/business/as-a-level/
BTEC BUSINESSPreparing for the set task exam on 11/1/19 – format of exam to type and any other research about the table top game market11/1/19
H&S CARERevision for external exam 14.1.19 a) past papers b) revision using resources produced in class.14.1.19
FRENCHRevision for KT1 Sp ‘Les Marginalisés,’ revision of AS topics and vocab on ‘Quizlet’WB 07/01/19Revision booklet and resources on ‘Google Class’
ENGINEERINGRevision for external exam Unit 1 14.1.19, Unit 3 w/c 7.1.19 using past papers and revision notes.Resources provided in lessons.
DTPortfolio development and completion of revision notes for topics covered in Module 1. Make notes on theory on Design History – test first week back.Resources provided in lessons.
ARTSketchbook development and completetion of personal portfolio WB 04/02/19student support sheet for the exam feb- apr 2019
PSYCHOLOGYRevise for an assessment on Research Methods and Addiction WB 07/01/19student booklets, online textbook
SOCIOLOGYMiC question, revise functionalist and marxists view of crime for KT, follow Family & education personalised revision plan, family paper 07/01Books and files, google classroom
LAWTrespass essay and revision of Tort for examined taskWB 7/1/19 and 14/1/19Revision materials provided in lessons
POLITICSNotes on comparative legislative branches of UK and US politics leading to plans of 2 essays.WB 7/1/19Revision materials provided in lessons