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Photography is an art form, it’s a creative outlet, a way of seeing and interpreting the world around you. Photography is probably one of the only forms of communication that is truly universal, crossing social and cultural boundaries and interweaving itself seamlessly with so many aspects of our lives. St. Joseph’s Art Department is a flourishing hub for the development of the visual arts which provides students with opportunities to learn to produce work at a professional standard, at the same time encouraging the exploration of photography as an artistic medium.

Our teachers are committed, inspirational, demanding and fun and students are given individual attention and appropriate levels of support and guidance to enable them to produce high-quality outcomes. Our programme of study is a blend of practical projects and relevant theory so that students can explore photography as a key. This course can lead on to a wide range of higher education courses including: Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Film and Animation, History of Art, Design and Film. There is a range of career opportunities including, art and design, fashion, film industry, museum and gallery work, photography, printing, publishing, teaching, television and radio, and theatre.