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Study Skills

Study Skills.


We have designed a study skills programme here at St Joseph’s to help students to plan out their time in sixth form to ensure that they get the best out of sixth form and make progress towards target grades and get them ready for their future.

The programme is delivered through assemblies taught workshops and a study skills booklet each student will receive.

We have provided various resources to support Revision, CV writing and Presentation planning.

Study Skills Booklet- How can students use this booklet?

The booklet has 5 main Themes. It starts by asking students to think of  goals and targets. What they want to be. What they want to achieve? There are techniques to help prioritising tasks, plan study and revision time. The middle section has a variety of different revision techniques to make sure that students practice works. The final two sections give tips about how to over come the times when they are lacking positivity or feeling a little overwhelmed.


Academic Self Review

Further Education Research Links

Presentation skills

Step by step guide to writting a personal statement(1)

Study Skills 6th Form v2

Writing a CV