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‘It is a subject that helps young people into work. Many employers prize the knowledge and skills that studying Geography can provide and Geography in higher education is thriving. Geography students are among those gaining greatest satisfaction from their studies, and geography graduates have a relatively low level of unemployment. It’s no wonder there is a growing demand to study the subject at university.’ (Michael Palin, President of the Royal Geographical Society.)

Geography at Key Stage

Three Key Stage Three Geography is compulsory for all students at St. Joseph’s and introduces students to the highly engaging and thought-provoking range of geographical features and phenomena in the modern day world.

Geography at Key Stage Four

At Key Stage Four, students are prepared for examination against the AQA Syllabus (8035). It is our prime concern that they achieve results commensurate with their ability and efforts. Whilst we are focused on good exam results, we also wish to make Geography lessons engaging and relevant for them to go forward as twenty-first-century global citizens who also have a good range of transferable skills and knowledge.

Geography at Key Stage Five

At Key Stage Five, students are prepared for examination for the AQA Syllabus at AS Level (7036) and A Level (7037). This is the culmination of their secondary school education, where many of the topics studied at a younger age are revisited, appended with studies that add more breadth and depth to the topic, but also conjures with the debate surrounding many issues prevalent in everyday life.