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Exam Information

                                  St Joseph’s Catholic Academy

Summer External Exam Timetable 2019

Date 9.00am 1.00pm
  Week 1
13th May GCSE Comp Sci: Computer Systems      1hr 30m GCSE RE: Foundation Catholic              1hr 30m
14th May GCSE French Listening F/H                     35/45m GCSE French Reading F/H                       45/60m GCSE Biology P1 H/F                               1hr 45m GCSE Com Sci Biology P1 H/F                1hr 10m
15th May L3 Human Lifespan Development        1hr 30m L2 Health and Wellbeing                               2hrs GCSE English Literature P1                     1hr 45m
16th May GCSE Chemistry P1 H/F                          1hr 45m GCSE Comb Sci Chemistry P1 H/F        1hr 10m GCSE Comp Sci: Algrthms &Prog           1hr 30m
17th May GCSE French Writing H/F                  1hr/1h 15m  
  Week 2
20th May GCE English Language P 1                     2hrs 30m GCSE RE: Applied Catholic                     1hr 30m GCE Physics P1                                                 2hrs GCE Psychology P1                                          2hrs        
21st May GCSE Mathematics P1 H/F                     1hr 30m GCE History P1 OptC                                2hr 30m GCSE Geography A: Landscapes            1hr 30m
22nd May L3 working in Health &Social Care               2hrs GCE Sociology P1                                             2hrs GCSE Spanish Listening H/F                     35/45m GCE Geography P1                                 2hrs 30m GCSE Physics P1 H/F                                1hr 45m GCSE Comb Sci Physics P1 H/F               1hr 30m
23rd May GCSE English Literature P2                   2hrs 15m L3 Personal Business & Finance                    2hrs GCE English Literature B P1A               2hrs 30m GCSE RE: Judaism                                              1hr
24th May GCE Business Comp1                             2hrs 15m GCE Physics P2                                                 2hrs GCSE Design & Technology                            2hrs
  Half Term
  Week 3
3rd June GCE English Literature B P2A                        3hrs GCE Further Mathematics: CP1            1hr 30m GCSE History P1A Opt   GCE Business: Comp 2                           2hrs 15m GCE Politics P1                                                 2hrs GCE Physics P3 Sect A&B optA                      2hrs Cam Nat Creative Imedia                        1hr 15m
4th June GCE English Language P2                      2hrs 30m GCSE English Language P1                      1hr 45m GCE Law: Comp1 Nature of Law            1hr 30m GCE Philosophy of Religion                            2hrs GCE Sociology P2                                             2hrs GCE Chemistry P1                                            2hrs GCSE Music: Appraising                          1hr 45m
5th June GCE Mathematics: Pure 1                              2hrs GCSE Spanish Writing F                                    1hr   GCE History P2 Opt N                            2hrs 30m GCSE Geography Comp 2 Enviro           1hr 30m L3 Engineering Principles                               2hrs
6th June L3 Information Technology Systems            2hrs GCE Politics P2                                                 2hrs GCE Biology P1                                                 2hrs GCSE Mathematics P2 H/F                     1hr 30m GCE Geography P2                                 2hrs 30m GCSE History GCE Further Mathematics: CP 2            1hr 30m
7th June GCE Business: Changing World            2hrs 15m GCSE English Language P2                             2hrs GCE Product Design P1                          2hrs 30m GCE Psychology P2                                          2hrs GCSE Biology P2 H/F                                1hr 45m GCSE Comb Sci Biology P2 H/F              1hr 10m  
  Week 4
10th June GCSE Food prep & Nutrition                 1hr 45m  
11th June GCSE Mathematics P3 H/F                     1hr 30m GCE Religion and Ethics                                  2hrs GCE Chemistry P2                                            2hrs  
12th June GCE Sociology P3                                             2hrs GCSE Chemistry P2 H/F                           1hr 45m GCSE Comb Sci Chemistry P2 H/F         1hr 10m GCE Mathematics: Pure 2                              2hrs  
13th June GCE Politics P3                                                 2hrs GCE Biology P3                                                 2hrs GCSE Geography A Comp3 Fieldwork  1hr 30m GCE Law Comp2 Substantive               2hrs 15m GCE French P1 List/Read/Writ             2hrs 30m GCE Further Mathematics: FrPure1      1hr 30m
14th June GCE Psychology P3                                          2hrs GCSE Physics P2 H                                    1hr 45m GCSE Comb Sci Physics P2 H/F               1hr 10m GCE Product Design P2                           1hr 30m GCE Mathematics Stats & Mech                   2hrs  
  Week 5
17th June GCE Biology P3                                                2hrs GCE French P2 Writing                                   2hrs GCE Law: Comp 3 Perspectives            2hrs 15m GCE French P2 Writing                                   2hrs
18th June    
19th June GCE Chemistry P3                                           2hrs  
20th June GCE Further Mathematics: Fr Mech 1  1hr 30m  
21st June    
  Contingency Days
  GCSE : 17th June GCE: 21st June