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Exam Information

Y11/Y13 February Mock Timetable




Mon 25th Feb

Y13 Eng Lang P1   2hrs 30m

Y13 Eng Lit P1   3hrs

Y13 Physics P1 2hrs

Y11 RE: Foun Cath Theo  1hrs 30m

Y13 Psychology P1 2hrs

Y13 Biology P1   2hrs

Y11 Biology P1 1hr 45m

Y11 Comb Sci: Bio F/H  1r 10m

Tues 26th Feb

Y13 Sociology P1                                          2hrs

Y13 History P1: Tudors                        1hr 45m

Y13 French: List/Read/Writ               2hrs 30m

Y11 Eng Lit P1                                       2hrs 15m

Y13 Fr Maths P1                                            2hrs

Y13 RE: New Test Theo                                2hrs

Y13 Business: Comp2                          2hrs 15m

Y13 DT P1                                               1hr 30m

Y11 Maths P1 F/H                                 1hr 30m

Wed 27th Feb

Y13 Psychology P3                                       2hrs

Y13 Geography P1                               2hrs 30m

Y11 Geog P1:Landscapes                     1hr 30m

Y13 Fr Maths P2                                           2hrs

Y13 Uk Politics                                              2hrs

Y13 Chemistry P1                                         2hrs

Y13 History P2: Russia                          1hr 45m

Y11 Chemistry P1 H                              1hr 45m

Y11 Comb Sci: Chemistry P1 F/H        1hr 10m

Thurs 28th Feb

Y13 Sociology P2                                          2hrs

Y11 Eng Lang P1                                    1hr 45m

Y13 Geography Comp2                       2hrs 30m

Y13 Chemistry P2                                         2hrs

Y13 Photography                                          5hrs

Y13 RE: Ethics                                                2hrs

Y13 Maths P1                                         1hr 30m

Y13 French  P2 Writ                                     2hrs

Y11 Maths P2 F/H                                 1hr 30m

Y13 Photography                                          5hrs

Fri 1st Mar

Y13 Maths P2                                        1hr 30m

Y11 Physics P1                                       1hr 45m

Y11 Comb Sci Physics P1 F/H              1hr 10m

Y13 Art                                                           5hrs

Y11 Law:Tort                                        2hrs 15m

Y11 History P2                                               50m

Y11 Comp Sci P1                                  1hrs 30m

Y13 Physics P2                                               2hrs

Y13 Art                                                           5hrs

Mon 4th Mar

Y13 Eng Lit P2                                       2hrs 30m

Y13 Eng Lang P2                                   2hrs 30m

Y11 RE:Judaism                                              1hr

10.15  – Y11 RE: Appl Cath Theo                  1hr

Y13 Business Comp3                                    55m

Y11 Maths P3 F/H                                 1hr 30m

Y13 DT P2                                               1hr 30m

Y13 Biology P2                                              2hrs

Y13 Law: USA Politics                           1hr 50m

Y13 Maths P3                                         1hr 30m

Tues 5th Mar

Y13 RE:Philosophy                                        2hrs

Y11 French Writing F/H                       45m/1hr

Y11 French Reading F/H               1hr/1hr 15m

Y11 Spanish Writing F                                    1hr

Y11 Spanish Reading F                                 45m

Y11 Imedia 1hr 15m

Y13 Sociology P3                                           2hrs

Y11 Comp Sci P2                                    1hr 30m

Y11 Music: List & Apprais                    1hr 45m

Y11 French Listening F/H                      35/45m

Y11 Spanish Listening F                              35m

Wed 6th

Y11 Art                                                            5hrs

Y11 Clashes