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School Dinners

School dinners are cooked on the premises and served between 12.15pm and 1.45pm in a self-service cafeteria which is operated by the school.

In order to encourage a healthy diet, a wide selection of food, including salads, water and fruit juice is available in the cafeteria. Menus change weekly and the daily options are clearly advertised in the dining areas. Accommodation is also provided for students to bring a packed lunch.

The key aim of our cashless catering system is to make lunch time more efficient and exciting for the students in our school and to remove the need for them to carry money. Our cashless catering vending does not require a student to carry a swipe card. It is quick and simple to use and the benefits are clear to the students, staff and school.

At the point of payment the student places their finger on the fingertip scanner, and once successfully verified by the Catering Point of Sale Operator, their account is debited. Water, fruit juice and snacks can also be bought from the cafeteria before school begins and at morning breaks.