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Assessment, Reporting & Parents’ Meetings

The chief aim of assessment is to monitor students’ progress and to promote higher levels of motivation which in turn should lead to higher standards of achievement.

A formal written report will be sent to parents once each year. In all years there will be the opportunity for parents to attend a Review Day and/or a Parent-Teacher Meeting.

Reports are not sent out at the same time each year but at a time which is appropriate for the particular year group. Each year group will have a minimum of three assessments that are reported to parents via either a full written subject report or a computer generated results sheet (known as a Facility report).

Review Days

Each student in Year 7 and his/her parents will have the opportunity to meet with their group tutor to review the progress made during the year. It is also an opportunity to set targets for the future and share information.

Monitoring Academic Progress

When we find that a student is persistently underachieving, we involve parents at an early stage. For example, with the support of parents, the following procedure has been found to improve matters:

  1. An up-to-date report is compiled on academic progress and attitude to work.
  2. The student is interviewed with his/her parents by the Head of Year.
  3. The interview emphasises the importance of achieving success in the student’s study programme and identifies strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Clear targets are agreed within departments and a realistic timescale is given.
  5. Parents are given guidance on how best to support their child in terms of monitoring work done by checking work books and insisting on adequate time being spent on homework and revision.
  6. Assurance is given of close monitoring of work done and progress made by the pastoral team and class teachers.
  7. The situation is reviewed by the student, parents and pastoral team at a meeting within school.
  8. Involvement of the Learning Mentor appropriate to the Key Stage.

Students respond well to the extra support and attention. Parents are very appreciative of the support provided by the school.