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What is maths?  The Oxford dictionary definition tells us it is ‘the abstract science of number, quantity and space…’  At its heart mathematics is the language used to explain how the world works.  Dean Charles Schlicter (Wisconsin University, 1920s) quoted ‘Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.

Too often mathematics is viewed as a skills acquisition;  can you find the missing angle?; can you solve the quadratic? Can you find the volume of the sphere? Yes, we need these skills to be successful mathematicians but the ultimate aim is to be able apply the skills and knowledge acquired in order to think logically and solve problems.  Maths allows us to develop a disciplined approach to problems.


When presented with a problem our students are encouraged to:

  • Identify the main problem to be solved
  • Find out what information is needed to solve it – do you have all of the information and how will you find the missing information and what skills will it take?
  • Devise an action plan that is sensible and logical.
  • Decide if the answer they achieve is a sensible one.


Whether the problem is finding the area under a quadratic graph or working out how you can save enough money to buy a house, through the study of mathematics we aim to equip our students to be problem solvers, and in an increasingly competitive and challenging world, surely that’s a life skill in itself.  The Maths Department at St Joseph’s are committed to ensuring that each student makes maximum progress in their studies, and will provide ongoing support to ensure all students are prepared for further education, the world of work and life in general.



Key Stage 3 Overview

Key Stage 4 Overview

Key Stage 5 Overview


Maths Staff (2018-19)

Mr I Hudspith – Director of Maths

Mr D McGuinness – Head of Maths Department & Assistant Headteacher

Mrs J Ellison – Lead Practitioner in Maths

Mrs H Armstrong – Lead Practitioner in Maths

Miss L Stanley – Maths Teacher

Mrs N Henderson – Maths KS5 coordinator

Mr C Clark – Maths Teacher & Assistant Head of Dunstan House

Mrs C Muir – Maths Teacher

Mr J Higgins – Maths Teacher

Mr D Patterson – Maths Teacher

Mrs AM Whyte – Maths Teacher


Helping your child succeed in Maths

Regularly we hear the phrase ‘how do you revise for maths?’  There is no one correct way to revise for maths but one of the best way is to just do it!  Encourage your child to try lots of different ways to revise for maths then the method(s) that works best for them.  Suggested ways to revise are:

  • Make revision posters/mind maps
  • Use a textbook/revision workbook for practice questions
  • Practice past papers
  • Covering the answers while re-trying a question
  • Find a revision buddy who you can work with
  • Make flash cards
  • Learn formulae and important information/facts
  • Go online


Useful websites:

All students have their own unique login which has been given to them by their maths teacher.

All students have their own unique login to our school portal.

This is a free to use website with a vast array of maths topics.  Each topic contains a how to do video, practice textbook questions and exam style questions.

This website is free to use and has a many activities to aid your child.


Catch up/extra work

Should your child be absent from school there are google classrooms that your child can join in order to access worksheets and YouTube clips to help them with the topics they have missed.  Your child needs to use the correct code from below:

 Y7 Foundation – zx1n0j

Y7 Higher – 3cm1ek

Y8 Foundation – dydjog9

Y8 Higher – 9gcv1q

Y9 Foundation – l8qjaq

Y9 Higher – viixy4

Y10 Foundation – f60w2o

Y10 Higher – 3vl1j8x

Y11 Foundation – 96hufm3

Y11 Higher – lxfsnq

Y12 – d57lc6

Y13 – 3gxs59