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A Message from our Head Boy

Every year since I started St Joseph’s in 2011 the Head Boy and Head Girl have been exceptional exemplars of the school.

When the time came to elect a new Senior Team I felt I was the person suited to the responsibilities of being Head Boy. My gut feeling in the build up to the election was only two or three boys would stand for the privileged position, but those who do will be fierce competitors.

This was proven to be very true during the speeches as Luke spoke with conviction and boldness in church. I was up next, eager to present myself in the best light to my year group. My speech went rather well in my eyes, and the words from those aspiring to become Head Girl carried such strength.

The result was a close call, but to be elected Head Boy was greatly satisfying and I knew the other members of the Senior Team would be tremendous individuals to work with, as well as Mrs Robson.

There will be continued support of charities such as Macmillan and the Gateshead Foodbank. What’s more the Sixth Form Fashion Show takes place in spring to raise funds for Marie Curie – past shows have gone down an absolute storm, particularly with grandparents.

Conal Tufnell

Head Boy