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God with us!

‘Look! The virgin is with child and will give birth to a son whom they will call Immanuel, a name which means ‘God is with us’ – Matthew 1:23

by Cody Kettner on December 20th

THANK YOU to everyone who came along to The Event on December 14th. There were some fantastic Christmas jumpers!

The theme was ‘God with us’ inspired by Matthew 1:23. We started the night, as always with some singing and dancing and then a bit of a Christmas quiz. We did the ‘mannequin challenge’ Christmas style and even made our own snowflakes.

We reflected on how ‘God with us’ means we are never alone and means the light of God burns within us. God’s light dispels all darkness and when we are feeling sad, worried or afraid we just need to remember that God is with us and ask again to be filled with His glorious light!

We are loving the joy and energy you all bring with you to The Event and we really hope we see you all next month. Remember that everyone is welcome at The Event so bring a friend!

Thinking about coming to our next ‘Event’ on 18th January?

Please let us know here by filling in the relevant information. The more numbers we know beforehand the easier it is for us to manage the catering! Even if you aren’t sure of numbers you can still put your school/parish down and make registering at the door faster and easier!

Next month has a bit of a superhero theme so feel free to dress accordingly! It’s going to be super!

Want something that you can send to parents/parishes?

You can find an information sheet here that you can print out or email. You can also find our poster with all of the dates here