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Courses on Offer

We aim to provide all students who enter St Joseph’s Sixth Form with a wide range of courses and a broad education in the true sense of the word. Increasingly, employers, university and college admissions tutors are looking for well-educated young people who are articulate in their chosen field and who can demonstrate an ability to work with and get along with other people. They are looking for people who are politically and socially aware, and can demonstrate a commitment to sense of community. The courses outlined below seek to achieve these aims.

To increase the breadth and flexibility of post 16 courses, the Government has introduced a range of specifications (syllabuses) which are intended to improve the ease of progression from GCSE to A Level and create a more effective mix of academic and vocational education.

GCE Advanced Subsidiary – from September 2015

These will be standalone qualifications which students would normally take at the end of Year 12. They will consist of two or three modules but will not contribute to an A Level grade. Their purpose will be to encourage students to study a broader range of subjects.

GCE Advanced A2 (including 2 AS Units)

These consist of either four or six modules. The A2 modules will consist of more demanding material with four or six exams being taken at the end of Year 13.

Advanced GCE Applied Courses

To ensure parity with GCE Advanced, GCE Advanced Applied can be studied as a six unit award, and therefore is the equivalent of a GCE A2, or as the traditional twelve unit award, and therefore the equivalent of two GCE A2 subjects. There will also be a three unit award in Health and Social Care which will be the equivalent of an AS qualification. These can be studied in combination with AS and A2 subjects, timetable permitting.

The three unit award will consist of three compulsory units. The six unit award will consist of three compulsory and three optional units. The twelve unit award will consist of six compulsory and six optional units. 30% of the course will be assessed externally.

The grading will be A to E scale and therefore identical with AS and A2 qualifications.


Want some more information?

There is more detailed information about our Sixth Form curriculum on our individual subject pages and in our admissions booklet.