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Courses on Offer

At St Joseph’s we pride ourselves in the ability to offer subjects in both traditional academic and vocational pathways.

Students take options in 3 Level 3 subjects often combining A levels and Btec courses to suit their skills and careers pathways.

In addition to this we currently offer the Future readys programme. This vocational based programme of study is  built on strong links with Sunderland University providing opportunities for students to gain work experience, employability skills and experience undergraduate lectures alongside the traditional A Levels.  This has proved particularly successful for students looking to follow Higher Degree level Apprenticeships in fields such as Engineering and IT.

Choosing Your Key Stage 5 Courses

  1. Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Have you discussed your preferred choice of subjects with your subject teachers?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your chosen subjects at GCSE and able to continue with them to a higher level?
  • Are you likely to get the subject specific grades required to succeed at Key Stage 5?
  1. Interest and Enjoyment
  • Have you demonstrated a genuine interest in a proposed subject?
  • Can you think of ways you have shown your interest outside your lessons?
  1. New Subjects
  • If you are considering a subject completely new to you, what are your reasons for wanting to take it?
  • Do you know what the subject involves?
  • Do you have any skills relevant to that subject?
  • Have you considered the possible consequences of taking more than one completely new subject?
  • Have you spoken to the staff who teach that subject?
  1. 4. Career or Higher Education Course Requirements
  • If you have a career or higher education course in mind, does your choice of subjects comply with entry requirements to your chosen course?
  • If unsure. Are they facilitating subjects?
  • Have you researched current requirements first hand from, for example, the universities’ publications, admissions officers and careers literature?
  1. 5. Skills
  • Do you know what sort of study the course contains, e.g. does it involve practical work, numeracy, problem solving, essay writing, out-of-school activities?
  • Do the skills you will practise reinforce or complement those in your other subjects?
  1. 6. Safety Net
  • Do you need to have a reserve subject or other “safety net” in mind?
  • Do you have a reserve school/college in mind in case you do not meet the entry requirements for St Joseph’s?
  • If you are not confident about taking A levels have you also investigated alternative courses in other schools or colleges?
  1. Unhelpful Questions
  • Which teachers do I like?
  • What are my friends doing?

Want some more information?

There is more detailed information about our Sixth Form curriculum on our individual subject pages and in our admissions booklet.