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Senior Team


Head Boy: Lewis Russell
[2016_07_18] Lewis Russell
Head Girl: Fatima Eshani

[2016_07_18] Fatima Eshani

Deputy Head Boy: Adam Clark

[2016_07_18] Adam Clark

Deputy Head Girl: Niamh Cuthbert

[2017_07_18] Niamh Cuthbert

Deputy Head Boy: Joe Kadhim

[2016_07_18] Joe Kadhim

Deputy Head Girl: Cerys Waters

[2016_07_18] Cerys Waters


Some words from the elected Head Boy and Head Girl:

Lewis Russell

The position of Head Boy, Head Girl, and Deputies is a vital addition to any Sixth Form. On the day the letter requesting applications was released, we knew it was our calling; we had to apply, but how would we stand out?

It started with a written application, stating the more “professional” details about ourselves. This was just as important as the speech that would follow; one has to make a significant impression on the omnipotent force they will be working with: Mrs Smith. Following some carefully selected guidelines, our letter of application was the seed that planted us in the very roots of the school system. Our names now known, the only thing that stood in our way now – an obstacle, if you will – was the podium in the school hall where we would give a speech in front of our peers.

And thus, the day of the speeches came. An extended assembly allowed us time to give all of our speeches in the most efficient way possible and allow for fair voting. We were told: “No longer than five minutes!” We all thought to ourselves… “How am I EVER even going to come CLOSE to having a five-minute speech?” The boys went first; Adam Clark, Joseph Kadhim, and myself. Every speech was passionate and powerful and every candidate displayed themselves as clearly capable of assuming the position of Head Boy or Girl. All in all, the voting was said to be extremely close and it was honourable to even apply for these positions, as not many people have the confidence!

Personally, the “obstacle” that was the podium, for me, became a punching bag of sorts! I vividly remember pacing the front of the hall in my speech and, quite honestly, can barely remember the content; it came and went in a flash! I feel honoured and privileged to have been given the chance to become Head Boy and would like to thank my peers and teachers for allowing this to happen. In regards to the speech, I’m very glad the other candidates felt the same in regards to length; I was worried that my speech would have been ridiculously short by comparison! Overall, though, the anticipation paid off and that’s why I’m able to write this article now.

Fatima Eshani

The Head Girl speeches came next and I was ready. I had my confidence, I had my burning passion but most importantly I had ready my Dumbledore quotes.

It was nerve-wracking, especially since the boys had just set such high standards. And with more applicants than the number of jobs and everyone being truly worthy of the role – it was all to play for! Niamh Cuthbert, then myself: Fatima Eshani, Kirandeep Ghuman, Bethany Scott, Cerys Waters, Kate Woodmass each one by one taking to the podium to face the subtle scrutiny and careful selection of our fellow pupils and our teachers.

Reliving the moment makes me realise that a big reason I was at ease delivering my speech was because I had tailored it to my personality. It was so nice to have a chance to reflect and laugh about the years past with the whole year group at once while referencing High School Musical and sharing embarrassing anecdotes.

I am forever grateful to my fellow students and teachers for giving me the opportunity and title of Head Girl, but also to the other applicants for being so amazing and providing tough competition. Preparing for the speech and even post-selection has encouraged me to always radiate the best possible version of myself and to always be compassionate and humble.

People often ask what I will change next year as Head Girl, but for now, I am just grateful for all the ways it has changed me.

Charities we wish to focus on are the charities our school as continued to support throughout each year, such as Cancer Research UK, CAFOD, among others. However, more charities could include the Multiple Sclerosis Society. We want to bring to attention various other charities that some people may not know are in existence, in order to show that our Sixth Form and school are compassionate and caring.


The Deputies were also voted in by our students:
  • Joseph Kadhim (formerly St Joseph’s Catholic Academy)
  • Niamh Cuthbert (formerly Whitburn CofE Academy)
  • Adam Clark (formerly South Shields Community School)
  • Cerys Waters (formerly St Joseph’s Catholic Academy)