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As a Catholic School we have an important role to play in deterring bullying of any sort and in providing help and guidance for those subjected to bullying.

We are also part of a wider community and will not accept discrimination, victimisation and harassment in our community.

St Joseph’s Catholic Academy is determined to provide an environment that allows all of our children and young people to prosper emotionally, physically and educationally and to be able to access all available facilities. Any behaviour that undermines this is unacceptable. We therefore intend to do all we can to reduce bullying and to ensure that effective action is taken, both to deter bullying and to deal with it effectively when it does occur.

antibullying day feb 2015 (5)

Rio Porter and Dominique Thurlow standing up to bullying on Anti-Bullying Day, February 2015.

anti bullying page2

Our School Council members designed this new page for the 2015-16 Student Planner so that each and every student in the school pledges not to bully others.