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Student Support

The Damascus Centre

To further support those students who have problems in the observation of school rules and coping with the social skills which we expect, we have a Student Support centre named the Damascus Centre.

For any misdemeanour which causes a student to be excluded from class, the student will be placed in the Damascus Centre. He/she will attend the centre for up to five days during which he/she will follow his/her curriculum but at the same time receive strategies from the staff to help them cope with similar situations in the near future.

If, after all usual sanctions have been applied, continued misbehaviour causes a student to be in danger of exclusion from school the student will be placed in the centre for up to two weeks. During this time he/she will be given time to reflect upon his/her actions and be given strategies to cope with similar situations in the future. He/she will be gradually reintegrated in to the mainstream school with support from the Damascus Centre staff.

Learning Mentors

The school has in place Learning Mentors who work with and support students who, for various reasons, are not fulfilling their potential. The Learning Mentors work alongside the Special Educational Needs Department, Student Support staff and Heads of Year in identifying and supporting these students.

We have a Learning Mentor/Counsellor, Mrs A Mackie and a Learning Mentor, Miss S Burdis.

Teaching Assistants

Students are taught in a mixed ability setting in Key Stage 3. Students with S.E.N. are supported in class by teaching assistants.