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Important – Parents & Guardians

11th May 2018

Safeguarding & mobile phone notice

Dear parent / carer.

The policy regarding electronic equipment is below.

Any student who uses electronic equipment in school, or on school premises, without permission will have that equipment confiscated. This is due to maintaining the highest level of safeguarding within school.

The staff member will record it and issue a code.

The equipment will be taken to Mrs Mullaney in the Head of House room. She will then place it in the safe.

If a student does not comply more serious consequences may occur.

Only an adult from the student’s family can pick it up after school. e.g. parent, Aunt, or Uncle. If they cannot then the equipment remains in the safe until they are able to come to school. The safe will be closed for the night at 5pm.

Students are being reminded of this policy again next week through bulletins and their tutor groups.

If you have any queries please contact your child’s Head of House.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Mr Perkins