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Year 10 Pupils – Hairdressing Competition

9th February 2018

Our hairdressing pupils had a great day at the Regional AHT Hairdressing Competition on Tuesday 6th February.  We entered two competitions on the day: ‘14+ Evening Style with Ornamentation’ in which Charlie Cavanagh was 1st and Mollie Watson came 3rd.  The other was ‘14+ Natural Make-up’ in which Mollie Watson was 1st and Charlie Cavanagh came 2nd.  However, one final presentation was ‘Individual Student Overall’ – Charlie Cavanagh won this award.  She earned the highest marks awarded for the whole day out of all students from around the region who entered the various categories.  These two girls will now go on to the National Competition which is held at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool on 12th March.  Good luck to both girls and hopefully we will bring a trophy home from Blackpool!