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Aidan win Year 9 Basketball Tournament

8th January 2018

22 students from Year 9 got their house matches underway on Wednesday 12th December by representing Aidan, Bede, Cuthbert and Dunstan houses in a festive basketball tournament. A strong 4-man Aidan team consisting of year 9 boys Niall Docherty, Luke Golightly, Thomas Archibald were assisted by year 8’s Cameron Inglis. Together they successfully fought off all the competition to be crowned house champions.

Participants– 22 students

MVP- Most Valuable Player

Cameron Inglis (Aidan) – awarded for  volunteering to play and stepping up into a higher age category.

Corey O’Neil (Cuthbert)- awarded for his underarm 3-point effort in the last seconds of the game that meant Cutbert took 3rd place over Dunstan  by a single point.

Tournament Winners

Niall Docherty, Thomas Archibald, Luke Golightly, and Cameron Inglis (Year 8)


Top Point Scorers

Cameron Inglis (Aidan-Year 8) 6 points

Niall Docherty (Aidan) 4 points

Corey O’Neil (Cuthbert) 3 points

Thomas Archibald (Aidan) 2 points

Abdul Alzaid (Dunstan)  2 points

James Robinson (Bede) 2 points

Josh Marshall (Dunstan) 2 points

Aaron Singh (Cuthbert) 2 points




Aidan (6)  Vs Dunstan (0)

Bede (2) Vs Cuthbert (0)

3rd/4th Place Playoff

Dunstan (2) Vs Cuthbert (3)

Grand Final

Aidan (6)  Vs Bede (0)